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Hey, thanks for checking out my site. So a bit about me.... 
I've been a huge fan of music from the 30's to the 60's for quite some time now. I think I first discovered Django Reinhardt in the most early 2000's way possible, from a Midi transcription of the "I'll See You In My Dreams Solo" on Guitar Pro (guitarists music notation software). I don't think it was even a good transcription but, nevertheless, I was enamoured and decided to travel to France once I was out of school to learn about Django. So that was my 2007, living in Lyon, France and learning to play like Django.
Django is a bit of a gateway music though. Not too long after I started trying to emulate other guitarists like Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery. 
I did the Bachelor of Music thing from 2008 - 2010 at The University of Melbourne. 
Since then I've been performing regularly around Melbourne, which is blessed with an incredible music scene, many great venues and is made of some wonderful musicians.  
I run a band called Catfish, and play in others such as The Furbelows, Devil on the Rooftop and The Big and Easy Band to name a few. 
Over the last five years Bud Powell, Thelonius Monk and Jelly Roll Morton have become huge influences. Particularly Monk's solo piano work. I've been attempting to make progress with a style loosely described as stride guitar, which you can hear in my solo videos.
I do some teaching, so if you're interested in a lesson shoot me a message anyway you, phone, Youtube, Instagram will all work. However, I rather take performance enquires via email though, so if you're interested in that please find me at
Once again thanks for visiting my site and checking out my stuff, hope to see you around!